Oatmeal Bread – part 5

Sitting on the cooling rack the loaf of Oatmeal Bread baked for an hour at 300 F is the best looking Oatmeal loaf yet. It was baked using the bread machine to make the dough before proofing and baking in the kitchen oven. The recipe is here again, with the ingredients listed in the order they are added to the pan of the bread machine. This recipe makes a loaf that is a little over 2 pounds (this one weighed 950 grams when it came out of the oven.)

  • Honey 69 grams
  • Water 358 grams
  • Quick Oats 85 grams
  • Bread Flour 467 grams
  • Sugar 23 grams
  • Salt 7 grams
  • Bread Machine Yeast 5 grams

The dough is nearly to the top of the bread machine pan at the end of the dough cycle. If the recipe above was used with the normal cycle that produces the baked loaf chances are good that the loaf would overflow the pan in the bread machine. I had it happen once and it was a mess to clean up.

Below is a formula for a smaller loaf that should fit a 2 pound bread machine without overflowing.

  • Honey 52 grams
  • Water 269 grams
  • Quick Oats 64 grams
  • Bread Flour 350 grams
  • Sugar 18 grams
  • Salt 5 grams
  • Bread Machine Yeast 4 grams

In bread formulas the ingredients are figure based on the weight per 100 units of flour. That way the size of the batch can be adjusted to whatever size you desire.



The formed loaf before it goes into the pan for proofing and baking is on the left. On the right it’s in the pan, ready for the second rise.

In the microwave with the boiling water ready to start the proof rise in the baking pan.

Proof complete, it is up past the rim of the pan and ready to go into the oven.

The baked loaf. It had quite a bit of spring in the oven. I put it back into the microwave after it came out of the oven so the the picture at the end of proofing can be compare to this one and the lines in the back of the microwave. The internal temperature of the loaf was 208 F.

It seems that 300 F for 60 minutes is the way to bake this formula to get an all around great loaf of oatmeal bread.

The sliced loaf looks (and tastes!) great. The crust is soft and doesn’t for a hard rim on the slice the way that the it did on the loaves cooked at 350 F and 400 F for shorter times.

This one came out excellent. Now I need to try making two loaves using my stand mixer and leaving the bread machine out of the equation.