8 Pounds of Anadama Bread

This batch of bread was to answer a couple of questions. Now that I have the dough whisk to get all the ingredients mixed enough to start kneading can I successfully knead a bit over 4 kilograms (almost 9 pounds) of dough? And after I produce that dough will my oven be up to the task of baking bread in four 9 by 5 pans at one time?

This photo answers both questions. The result was 4 nice loaves of Anadama Bread of about 34 ounces each.

8 Pound Anadama Bread Recipe

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Cinnamon Swirl Bread, pt. 3

The Cinnamon Swirl Bread in previous posts, pt1 and pt2, have come out quite tasty, but have had a tendency to unroll. This post is about an attempt to solve the unrolling problem.

As can be seen in this photo of the sliced loaf, the swirl is not continuous. It has been broken by non swirled areas where the bread is joined across the swirl, “gluing” the bread across the swirl.

Two loaves of Oatmeal Bread were made for this post, one with interrupted swirl for this post, and one just to eat. The recipe below totals 1845 grams of ingredients, too much for the bread machine, so I used the stand mixer.

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