Flourtobread.com is about bread. It’s fun to make bread, and then you can eat it. Make bread and you’ll enjoy bread better than what you buy at the store, or at least different. I’ll be sharing my successes and failures as I make all sorts of bread, experimenting and learning as I go along. It is a record of my attempts to learn to make bread and my various experiments along the way. It is also possible that at times I might stretch the definition of bread in a post.

I like bread with substance. Unless you have a good bakery near you it’s hard to find, and when you do it’s expensive. My wife bought a bread machine a while back, and I started making bread with it. It was fun, and after trial and error I was able to make Oatmeal Bread that I really like. The problem was the bread was too tall to fit in our toaster and the hole in the bottom of the loaf from the paddle irritated me.

The bread machine has a dough cycle, but it was only after 60 or so loaves that I decided to try baking bread in the regular oven. Since I am also interested in computers I figured it would be fun to share my adventures learning to make bread in a blog, and this is it.

I plan to make all sorts of bread as I explore the possibilities. Bagels, pretzels, ryes, seeded, multigrain, quick breads, sourdoughs. I’m looking forward to having a good time baking and writing about it. There are bound to be both successes and failures, but I’ll have fun and hopefully be entertaining and informative as I learn by doing.

I’m not an expert bread baker (at least not yet) so be sure to remember that I’m writing about what happened when I did it. If you try baking at home be careful, ovens are hot and the result I got won’t necessarily be the result you get.

The pictures on this site are mostly all scaled to 700 pixels wide and displayed at a lower resolution. If you want to see an image at a larger size than it is normally displayed on the site open it in a new window or tab and you should see it full size.