When we first got the bread machine I read the instructions and they said to use Bread Machine Yeast. I went to Wal-Mart and after some looking found the yeast. I had several different choices of yeast to choose from, most of them in foil envelopes. Being an optimist I figured I’d be making lots of bread, so I went for the 4 ounce jar of Fleischmann’s® Bread Machine Yeast. It was more cost efficient than the envelopes and with a screw on top there would be no partial envelopes to deal with.

It worked very well. I’d measure out what I needed for a batch of bread and put the jar back in the refrigerator. After 25 or 30 loaves it was almost gone, so I bought another jar. I was just as pleased with the second jar, but I was making a lot more bread and it didn’t last as long as the first one. I needed a bigger jar than 4 ounces.


After some research I realized that Bread Machine Yeast Continue reading