Raisin Bread – part 1

This is the Cornmeal Molasses Bread from part 4 with a couple changes to correct problems. It is scaled up to make 2 kilos of dough rather than only about 1.5. The 2 kilos will fill two 9 by 5 inch loaf pans. The raisins were mixed in with the ingredients to get better distribution in the loaves, and their weight was not counted when scaling to get 2 kilos.

I hadn’t considered it before, but from the photo above it’s apparent that white loaf pan is not only a 9 by 5 inch pan, but its shape is not the same as the darker ones. The loaf on the right, from the white pan, is a bit wider and shorter than the one on the left. From this I was reminded that if I want the shape of loaves to match I need to be sure the pans I bake them in match. Continue reading

Cornmeal Molasses Bread – part 4

The last try making Cornmeal Molasses Bread the dough was too sticky for me to form into nicely shaped loaves to go into the pans, so this batch will have some changes to try to get less sticky dough. The last batch was also a bit off as I had planned on a large loaf and a small loaf, but the white pan I had planned on using was 9 by 5 and not an 8 by 4 like I had thought. (I know, I should pay better attention.) To correct that problem this time I will be using one of the small loaf pans and the white 9 by 5 pan to make two sizes of loaf.

Since I was making two loaves I decided to try making raisin bread out of the smaller one.
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